The Catch 15/07/19

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Wow! Three weeks have passed, and we have just begun Week 4 of NRC SUMMER.

It has been hot, humid, sweaty, wet, and fun. Everyday poses a challenge to the campers, and they rise to the occasion.

A new rower said today, "It's nice to do a water sport where people really work together". I agree!

Teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, are skills and qualities honed by rowing. Our community welcomes rowers from all over the Bahamas, and we can't wait to meet you.

If you missed summer camp this year, there is still room left in week 6, from 29 July - 2 August. Junior team tryouts will be held when all students return back to school. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you to Junior Leaders Lily Rose, Breanna, Crachante, Leila, Noah, and Jackson. I appreciate all that you do for NRC!


Sascha Proffitt, Crachante Laing, and Jessica Proffitt boarded a plane for Philadelphia, PA yesterday. They will be participating in Sparks Penn Rowing Camp this week.

Another NRC long distance member, Elizabeth Hall, is enrolling at Sparks Columbia, NYC camp, at the end of July.

We are looking forward to the girls' report on their experience in the States!

Rowing is so universal, and a common language we all can understand.



Coaches KariAnne and Ricardo made a visit to The Ranfurly Homes for Children to introduce the erg to some new friends.

We were so happy to have 8 athletes join us on the water. Two boys are returning from last year, and NRC welcomes 4 girls!

Everyone had a great time, and looking forward to these next two weeks.

ATHLETE (and Visiting Coach) PROFILE

Name: Ricardo Marçal Matias Junior

Born: Ponta Grossa, Brazil

Raised: All over the USA

Educated: Duke University - Biology major, Chemistry and Economics minors.

"I was drawn to rowing because it’s beautiful and intense"

Hot Seat!

Coach or Cox: Cox Sea or Lake: Lake Bow loader or Stern loader: Stern loader Pizza or Pasta: Pasta Dogs or Cats: Dogs

"An interesting fact about me is I lived in tent for 6 weeks to watch the Duke UNC basketball game!"

(Photo is Duke Men's Crew Varsity 4+, winning a bronze medal at SIRA 2019)

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