The Catch 18/02/2019

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Scenes from Lake Cunningham

It's business as usual out on Lake Cunningham. Winter programs are at the halfway mark, where it has finally "clicked" for the Learn to Row classes. Now comes the fun part; going fast!

NRC Juniors are training 6 days a week; 2 are dedicated land days, as we build muscle, endurance, and perfect technique.

Six of our juniors will be representing

Nassau Rowing Club at the Miami International Regatta in April!

Nassau Rowing Club at Powerade Potcakeman Triathlon

NRC was well represented at Jaws Beach last Sunday.

Viviane and Jeremy Proffitt, Coach KariAnne Kulig, and junior member Sascha Proffitt assisted with kayak support during the swim portion of the race.

It was inspiring to see the athletes in action!

Rita Roy competed in the Womens event, and Jacqueline and Ben Derbyshire also volunteered on the course.

New youth LTR rower Mia Gardner was spotted volunteering in a food truck, cooking burgers alongside dad Eddie!

We were awarded a thoughtful plaque, thanking Nassau Rowing Club for volunteering. There is a great athletic community here on the island, and we at NRC are proud to be a part of it.

Upcoming Events!

23 February: Members Social @ Derbyshire House 7 PM

7 March: TRVIA NIGHT @ The Poop Deck 7 PM

30 March: Spring Fling Regatta @ Lake Cunningham 7 AM

6 April: Miami International Regatta @ Miami 7 AM

Please RSVP to any of these events at:

School Visits

Nassau Rowing Club is visiting Genesis Academy on 28 February for a presentation about rowing! We are looking forward to meeting potential new athletes.

Thanks to Breanna Gayle, a student at Genesis, for encouraging this to happen.

Bahamas Rowing Federation Update

Nassau Rowing Club attended a meeting of the BRF on Saturday, 16 February at the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture. There have been no new developments or items of interest to report.

Athlete Profile

Name: Adrienne Garner (Aidie)

Born: England

Raised: Army Brat: Lived in Egypt, Cyprus, Germany, and England. Attended boarding school in Belgium

"I was drawn to rowing as a long-time kayaker, and just love being on the water with friends'"

Sweeps or Sculling: Sculling

Lake or Ocean: Lake (haven't tried ocean rowing - yet)

Chips or Crisps: Neither

Double or Quad: Quad

Running or Rowing: Rowing!

"An interesting fact about me is that I've only got one eye, so 3D movies are lost on me".

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