The Catch 04/02/2019

Hello! Welcome to the latest issue of "The Catch", published fortnightly for

Nassau's best rowing club.

Winter Is Here

Winter programs are buzzing along! The weather on Saturday has been less than ideal,

but our intrepid rowers persevere.

Left: Kenya, Tania, and Joey have returned to the dock through some rough water, and are still smiling!

Right: The NRC Juniors are not fans of the rain. They love rowing so much however, a little inclement weather won't stop them!

T-shirt order is in!

Students from CR Walker model their NRC T-shirts.

If you ordered a new T-shirt, please see Coach KariAnne at practice. We have a few extra for sale! Please help to promote and represent Nassau Rowing Club.

Thank you to our sponsors, who are listed on the back.

We truly appreciate your support!

2k testing and seat racing

NRC Juniors are becoming more competitive! The entire team completed a 2k test in January, and 94% of the team dropped time from the baseline test 2 months ago. The biggest drop was 1:18.8 by 11 year old Tasneem. Impressive!

Our fastest boy is 15 year old Jackson at 7:03.9

Our fastest girl is 14 year old Sascha at 8:22.0

To the right: Girls Freshman 4x prepares for a time trial. We are training for the high school standard of 1500m to go race in the US in April!

Nassau Rowing Club believes in fair and transparent coaching, and in teaching our athletes the many ways coaches may select a boat.

For those who do not make the travel team this year, it is something for which to strive!

Partnership with GGYA

Nassau Rowing Club is exploring ways in which to incorporate rowing into the Governor General's Youth Award.

Stay tuned for more partnerships with the community across New Providence and beyond!

If you would like to get your school, company, or organization involved with NRC, let us know! Rowing is a fantastic team building opportunity.

Save the Dates!

7 March: Tentative date for Trivia at the Poop Deck (west)

30 March: Spring Fling Regatta and Potluck @NRC

6 April: Select boats travel to Miami International Regatta

Nassau Rowing Club at Strut Your Mutt

We are friends to the animals here at NRC, and a few members volunteered and participated in Baark!'s annual "Strut your Mutt" fundraiser. Thank you to the members who were able to attend.

Pictured here with Danielle Grant, Miss Bahamas Universe, and her dog, Sam.

Thanks to Baark! for allowing us to have a table and meet new potential rowers!

Athlete Profile

Name: Sarah Ratcliffe

School: St Andrew's International School

Age: 14

Why did you start rowing: 'I started rowing to gain a new skill and meet new people. I like how close everyone is, and that it always gives you a good workout."

Pineapple or Mango: Mango

Bow seat or coxswain: Bow seat

Sea or sand: Sea

Wall sits or burpees: Wall sits

Shrimp or chicken: chicken

An interesting fact about me is that: "I am good at yoga".

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