The Catch 21/01/19

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Outreach with Blairwood Academy

Students from Blairwood Academy visited Nassau Rowing Club at Lake Cunningham as part of an Integrated Learning Unit. Coach KariAnne visited the school last week, and introduced the erg to the students. They came to learn more about boats and rowing, but also to observe the lake in person, as it is a focus of the curriculum. We saw mangrove seeds, minnows, and coots. It was a wonderful and engaging experience!

Winter Learn to Row Programs

We are off and running, in Week 2 of Winter LTR classes! Please welcome the 8 new Masters and 6 Juniors. It has been a pleasure to meet everyone, and we're happy to see so many Bahamians rowing. CR Walker rowers have resumed their Wednesday class - hope to have some of these young rowers join the Juniors team by summer!

Top L: Tethered to the dock in a strong wind to practice beginning commands and control the shell safely.

Top R: "Roll to waist; Ready, roll!" C.R. Walker row

Bottom: LJ coxes the Novice Mens 4+

Partnership with Windsor at Albany

Island kids get a taste of Winter Training twice a week! Many rowing institutions are locked in by sheets of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures.

We are so lucky to have year-round access to liquid water in The Bahamas. However, Winter is the best time to build that base layer of fitness, so NRC Juniors have gone indoors, to emerge stronger on the water!

Thank you to Mr. Crachad Laing, a faculty member at Windsor, athlete, and new member of Nassau Rowing Club. We appreciate your dedication to the sport of rowing in general, and to the future of Bahamian rowing!

Government Partnerships

Nassau Rowing Club is working with Jurelle Mullings from Bahamas STARS. The STARS program guides and mentors student-athletes who aspire to play a sport in college. In addition to virtual sessions with students on family islands, we also visit schools on New Providence.

Last week Mrs. Mullings and Coach Kulig visited Akhepran International Academy.

Please visit:

for more information about this great program!

Save the Dates!

Nassau Rowing Club will host a "Spring Fling" Regatta on 30 March for all Masters and Juniors rowers. ALL are welcomed to attend and join us for a potluck cookout.

Nassau Rowing Club Juniors will travel to the United States on 6 April for the Miami International Regatta - stay tuned to ways to help support these young athletes travel abroad!

Athlete Profile

Name: Danielle "Dread Pirate" Van Wynen

Member since: 2018

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

What brought you to rowing? "The love of the fresh outdoors and the chance to meet new friends."

Single or Double: Double

Early AM or Late PM: AM

Mojito or Martini: Martini

East or West: East

Surf or Sand: Sand

Sweep or Scull: Scull

An interesting fact about is... "I like to cook and curry is a specialty".

(Picture from NRC's Halloween Regatta)

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