Annual Programs & Memberships

We offer a wide variety of membership & training options at the club. Whether you wish to train like a champion, get fit with friends, learn a new sport or anything in between, NRC can help you.

Learn to Row Programs

Our rowing seasons are as follows:

(Subject to change due to government COVID-19 protocols)

Fall: September 19th to October 31st 2020

Fall Extension / Mini: November 7th - December 19th

Winter: January 9th to March 6th 2021

Spring: March 20th to May 22nd 2021

*Summer Camp to be determined*

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The masters rowing program is a continuation of our Masters learn to row program and an opportunity for past rowers to keep doing the sport. Being out on Lake Cunningham is a brilliant way to start the weekend  and is a brilliant way to socialize, while engaging your body.  

The masters program also offers a unique opportunity to socialize with other masters from other clubs, with our ambition to row/race with and against other clubs from around the world.


Out of this program we inspire to produce top young athletes that can compete at overseas regattas representing the club and country and also prepare athletes looking to gain college scholarships.

This athletes train a minimum of 8 times a week on both water and on land, getting fitter, faster and stronger with the expectation to perform at the highest level they physically can.




Progressing from our Junior Learn to Row sessions, is our Junior Program. This program commences 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

The idea of this program, is to gently introduce the rowing work ethic that is required in the sport, compete in local and foreign regattas and to keep an overall enjoyment of the sport.

Private Lessons:

  • 1 person: $60/hr (single)

  • 2 people: $45 each ($90/hr) (ergs & double/pair)

  • 3 or more people: $35 each ($105/hr) (ergs & quad/4 or 2 doubles)

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